Hypno Gastric Band

Hypno – Gastric Band’ is done over 4 sessions.

An initial consultation is done first to work out suitability for this program and to gather information on eating habits, why you want to lose weight, your history relating to eating and dieting.

I also cover healthy eating and portion control, changing bad habits, confidence and self-esteem, boosting motivation, emotional eating.

All of this is done under hypnosis and also explained during each session so you gain a full understanding and can review with your goals each week.

The actual structure of the planned sessions are tailored and bespoke to your individual needs and are reviewed on a weekly basis.


How to create New Positive Behaviours using hypnosis
Showing of Gastric Band DVD
Discussion on the whole process
Sessions are recorded to take away and strengthen the work we do during our sessions together
During the sessions, suggestions are given to create positive changes
Success is like any diet or therapy it greatly depends on the individual and varies from person to person.

Also, the amount of weight loss is dependent on how much weight the individual needs to lose.

Hence why the initial consultation is key, it allows us to set goals and targets, allows me to tailor the sessions to your needs.

I am a licenced ‘Hypno – Gastric Band Practitioner’ and undergone formal training.

Hypno Gastric Band
Payment options
Option 1
£320 for the full program to be paid in advance before starting the program
Option 2
£320 paid instalments to paid in advance of each session:

£80 to be paid before session 1
£80 to be paid before session 2
£80 to be paid before session 3
£80 to be paid before session 4

Hypno Gastric Band